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Diligence and Efficiency

We are proud to be recommended by The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 2015: "Advocates Bureau Cierech, Neviadouski & Partners is recommended for its broad litigation expertise. Andrei Neviadouski and Aliaksandr Samuseu show ‘diligence and efficiency’ and Dzmitryj Shylau is also recommended, particularly for his employment work".
and also The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 2016:
"Andrei Neviadouski heads the group at Advocates Bureau Cierech, Neviadouski & Partners, where he focuses on civil litigation, international arbitration and construction matters. Czesław Cierech concentrates on taxation and investment-related work, and Aliaksandr Samuseu is an intellectual property specialist".

Protecting your rights

From March 2013 to present, Advocates bureau "Cierech, Neviadouski and Partners" has provided with legal assistance more than 600 Belarusian and foreign clients. Working with clients Advocates bureau "Cierech, Neviadouski and Partners" focuses on achieving practical results, giving priority to the rights and legitimate interests of our clients.

Speaking a Common Language

We are able to assist our clients in Belarusian, Russian, English, French, German and Polish without translators or interpreters. We attach great importance to keep our relations with the client confidential and it can be possible due to the attorney-client privilege protection guaranteed by the law.

Qualified legal assistance for those, who expect more, than just solving legal problems.

Advocates bureau ''Cierech, Neviadouski and Partners'' was created in March 2013 and brings together advocates (attorneys-at-law) with extensive experience in the field of legal assistance for investment activities in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. 

Our attorneys, working individually, collectively or in partnership with other lawyers and law firms, provide our clients professional and comprehensive legal services in different practice areas of economic activities in the territory of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other countries.

We have been developing a network of lawyers and associate law firms in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and the the Slovak Republic, which enables us to obtain the necessary advice on foreign law and to refer our clients directly to overseas lawyers.

When working with clients, Advocates Bureau "Cierech, Neviadouski and Partners" focuses on achieving practical results, by putting the rights and legitimate interests of clients. 

The results of our work have been achieved through the implementation of the following principles:

1. Legal assistance should be provided efficiently and in the shortest possible time;
2. Our clients’ success is our success;
3. Each client requires a special relationship and approach for resolving legal challenges in each case;
4. Every lawyer in advocates bureau must constantly improve their skills, share knowledge and experience in various fields of law with their colleagues to achieve a common result;
5. Attitude to the work with clients is the same for all of our attorneys;
6. Cooperation with customers has to be productive.



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